September 15, 2015

Why Treat with Heat?

At Bed Bug Destroyers we specialize in Heat Treatments to eradicate bed bugs. Heat is a very effective way to kill bed bugs because heat will kill ALL life stages including the eggs. At Bed Bug Destroyers, we use powerful forced air heaters to slowly raise the temperature of an infested area above 120 degrees F. We use thermo technology to monitor and document the temperatures throughout the structure for the duration of the heat treatment.

The Heat Treatment is finished when we maintain a hot enough temperature to kill all bed bugs and eggs in the furniture, mattress and every crack and crevice in the treatment area.

Bed Bug Destroyers can Heat Treat an area up to 2000sf in about 24-30 hrs.

There are many advantages of Heat Treatment over traditional pesticide treatments.


Bed Bugs have No resistance to heat They are resistance to insecticide
One single treatment Likely 3+ treatments
Treatment finished in 24-30 hrs Treatment can last 4+ wks
Kills adults, nymphs and eggs Does NOT kill eggs
Very little preparation req. Extensive preparation req.
Kills bed bugs in furniture, mattress, box spring Sometimes requires replacement of furniture, mattress, box spring