September 15, 2015

Heat Treatment Services


BBD will send a trained professional to inspect your home. Because of their size and shape, bed bugs can hide in very tight places which makes them very difficult to find. BBD will be inspecting the walls, ceiling seams, furniture seams and furniture frames. Our staff will check the bedding, mattress, box springs and bed frames for smears, spots, skins or bed bugs.

This inspection will determine if there is bed bug activity.


BBD uses an electric heat treatment system. Because the heat will penetrate all of the furniture and clothing, we only ask that the resident remove living things and pick up and put things away. BBD will prepare the residence for treatment. Our staff will move things around and off the floor for proper air flow. Heat treatment equipment will be set for the appropriate amount of time. (All treatments are overnight).

We will move back large furniture and place CimexTraps under all of the appropriate furniture.


BBD will place CimexTraps under beds, sofas, loveseats and recliners. Traps will be pulled out after 45 days (unless traps have been purchased).

BBD will do a 15 day and 45 day inspection and clean traps. After the 45 day inspection the treatment is complete.