July 11, 2016

FAQs & Tips

Travel Tips

Q. How do I know if my hotel room has bed bugs?
A. Without a professional inspection there is no way to be sure, but a quick check of the hotel room when you FIRST arrive is ALWAYS a good idea. Most bed bugs will hide within a few feet of the bed so check around the head board and the top of the mattress frame. Pull back the bedding and check the sheets and then the mattress and the mattress seams. You are looking for live bugs, skins or black spots or smears. This would be evidence of an infestation (a group of bed bugs) and I would get another room.


Q. How can I prevent bringing bed bugs home in my luggage?
A. Don’t put your luggage on the bed. Elevate your luggage on a luggage rack away from the bed and the walls. Don’t leave your clothes or shoes on the floor near the bed. When you arrive home leave your luggage outside of your home until you are ready to unpack. All of the clothes should be laundered immediately after unpacking or run through a dryer cycle on the highest setting. Luggage and all other items should be inspected for bed bugs. The luggage should be stored as far away from the bedroom as possible.